Sports Injury Q & A

What are sports injuries?

Sports injuries can be anything done to hurt yourself during strenuous activity such as overtraining, running, or other forms of exercise. Most commonly, sports injuries can come in the form of sprains, swelling, slipped discs, concussions, dislocations, fractures, tendon pain, and many others.

Are sports injury services limited to serious athletes?

No! Unfortunately, anyone who is active is subject to sports injuries. Everyone is unique, and just because you don’t run marathons or play competitive sports doesn’t mean your body isn’t subject to the injuries that are most commonly seen in athletes. If you think you may have a sports injury, please call UpCare Clinics or make an appointment online.

What can I expect during a sports medicine visit?

Once an appointment is made, you’ll be able to visit our Olathe offices where the physicians at UpCare Clinics underwent years of training, working with all age groups so they could provide comprehensive medical care that focuses on your entire body, not your disease or a specific body part. While treatment may be different for each person and each injury, rest assured that UpCare clinics will work diligently to treat you and answer all of your questions.

For your convenience, UpCare Clinics offers extended hours that fit your life and schedule, and there’s always someone available to answer your questions by phone.

To learn more about sports injury treatment and how it can help you improve and manage your health, call UpCare Clinics today, or book an appointment online.